by Anita Vollmer Think of a person. Think of an amazing person. A person who has stood eye to eye with a grizzly bear, Or a person ready to jump in to save a life at a moment's notice, Or a person with the strength of both mind and body to participate in multiple triathlons, Or a person always there to lend a helping hand, Or a person studying long and hard to make the world a better place, Or a person dedicating many hours of work to their community, Or a person committed to making a change, Or simply a person determined to do their very best. Now think of a group of such amazing people. A group within which strong bonds of friendship have formed over the course of only one week, A group that has accepted each member's flaws, A group where people, instead of sitting in front of their TV, do circuit training during their free time, A group whose members motivate each other to achieve their best, A group that is committed to a year of service, fighting fire, preserving nature and supporting the community. Picture this amazing group of people and you begin to have a faint inkling of that which is the Emergency Response Team in St. Louis.