Bragging Rights


by Natalie Cohen We're about 5 months into the AmeriCorps term and almost everyone seems to be bragging about the biggest trees they've taken down. Meanwhile I would pass on sawing in the morning and sometimes get away with not sawing all day long. I was just so impressed yet very intimidated by everyone's skill level I would just swamp all day, I thought it was great. Soon enough a project came where I couldn't just slip by not sawing all day with the length of the fire line and the amount of snags we needed to down. I would take down candlesticks with not much to it, or smaller snags I knew I could handle. Then we reached a part of the fire line with snags I would normally turn down and say "nope!" But this time I felt confident and ready to step outside my comfort zone. By the end of the day I had taken 6 down, that was a record for me. And throughout the month my comfort, confidence and skill improved. During the last week I got my highest daily record of 15 snags! I'm happy I stepped up and challenged myself. Now I know that feeling everyone had talking about the biggest trees they've taken and now I can join the conversation happily.