Diving In


by Anthony Bagnasco 1503347_959147530780761_6237530231101926869_n

It's wonderful how close you can get to your teammates in such a short period of time. This week I was tossed in with a good group of people who were already close to each other, roommates actually. Honestly, I was even intimidated by one of them! How silly it seems now how I felt two weeks ago. But what it comes down to as a member of this program is the requirement to be flexible enough to work with whoever you come into contact with. You have to just dive head first even if you think you might have cold feet. I couldn't have wished for stronger, smarter, or goofier teammates. After a little while we joked like lifelong friends and I found myself adopting some of their silly mannerisms and language.


Today we celebrated the past two weeks together by literally taking a plunge into a freezing lake, commemorating our commitment to flexibility and each other.