ERT Deploys to New York City for Hurricane Sandy Response


AmeriCorps St. Louis Emergency Response Team Deploys to Hurricane Ravaged New York City

ST. LOUIS, MO - The AmeriCorps St. Louis (ACSTL) Emergency Response Team (ERT) will deploy to New York City to support the State of New York in assessing the welfare of residents affected by Hurricane Sandy.


The team will depart by vehicle from their Soulard headquarters, located at 1315 Ann Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104, this afternoon and travel to New York City where they will assist the State in assessing initial damages incurred by those living in affected areas.  The Washington Conservation Corps, who are driving across the country to provide aid, will join them later in the week.


In addition to assisting with the needs arising from Hurricane Sandy, ACSTL team members are also currently serving in three Louisiana Parishes to address challenges generated by Hurricane Isaac last August.


Recently within the state, the team responded to the tornado in Joplin, Missouri, registering and coordinating over 60,000 volunteers, which contributed a cost savings to the city of 17.7 million dollars.  Today, six ACSTL members continue to serve in Joplin to provide long-term support to the community. In recent years the team has also responded to the Good Friday tornado in St. Louis County and the Leap year tornadoes in Stone and Taney Counties. Team members also operate an emergency warming shelter in St. Louis on dangerously cold nights each winter.


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Within the state of Missouri disaster plan, AmeriCorps St. Louis is a National Service Organization who is responsible for volunteer mobilization in times of disaster.  ACSTL is a non-profit organization that has provided emergency response missions to over 30 states during the past 19 year and relies on donations to meet critical unmet needs in the areas of Disaster Response and Land Stewardship.