First Impressions


by Kenan Ender Prior to arriving in St. Louis, I told friends and family about AmeriCorps and the Emergency Response Team. The description was vague and details were foggy and in turn the receiving nods were blank-faced with seemingly slight skepticism. After spending a week at headquarters and in awe of the back rooms, side rooms, and any other space that constitutes the maze of everything that makes AmeriCorps St. Louis what it is, I was aware this was a place I was happy to have ended up. Fleecer Station and the short time in Montana have only deepened such feelings. And as the haze seems to clear on the previously foggy descriptions of our service, I am immensely proud to serve with AmeriCorps St. Louis, the Emergency Response Team, and my teammates, developing a bridge of the new and old corps to form a new family for the year.