First Two Weeks in ERT

by Dan Faris  

The first two weeks of ERT can only be described as a whirlwind. Traveling to a new city, meeting all new people, learning about the program, and riding out to Montana have made this an eventful period of time. This program is unlike any other program I've been in. Everyone here is so accomplished and brings a unique skill set to the team. This almost feels like an AmeriCorps All-star team. I've already made some pretty good friends and look forward to getting to know other people more. I look forward to working with everyone in the upcoming year.

Traveling and serving in Montana has also been an amazing experience. Montana is so beautiful and very different from where I grew up in New Jersey. Here, you can look out for miles and miles and not see one sign of human life. I have enjoyed my time hiking mountains and being out in the woods so far. New Jersey was much too crowded for my liking so it is nice to be out here with space and fresh air.

Going through all the ERT trainings so far has gotten me very excited about the year to come. I cannot wait to get out there and start doing things. I know this year will have many ups and downs and will be full of surprises but I believe I have the fortitude to survive in this program. There will be times that I have to rely on my teammates to get me through but in return I am willing and ready to lend a hand right back. Together we are strong and can accomplish our goals.