In Memory of Our Friend Jerry

jerry sal army


AmeriCorps  St. Louis has many partners.  Salvation Army is one of those... and one that always walks the walk!  Every Saturday afternoon the Salvation Army donates fresh produce to AmeriCorps St. Louis. Food is used primarily for our shelter and our shelter guests who have recently attained housing. Food is also shared with AmeriCorps Members who are deployed on disaster and conservation assignments.


For the past year, Jerry, who lived and breathed the Army and served as the Assistant Head Chef at their Forest Park Headquarters, was always there for us.  Somedays he would have time to sit and share his story, a story of resurrection and being given one more chance with Salvation Army.  He loved people and he loved cooking...and he loved helping AmeriCorps.


Kathleen Becherer, Program Director recounts, "He was my friend!  It was the highlight of my busy Saturdays, just knowing that when I rolled up he would be there with that wide grin 'I really took care of you this week!' he would always say. In April, when all things become new, Jerry was promoted to heaven!"


 We will sorely miss you, Jerry, but your inspiration will live on in our hearts as we continue to care for the needs of others.