Education Team celebrates its students at Championship Ceremony

ST LOUIS - AmeriCorps Education Team Members are fortunate to be able to connect with children in a one-on-one relationship. They have the opportunity to really get to know these students and watch them grow. In order to recognize the achievements of the youth we serve, AmeriCorps St. Louis hosts a Champion Ceremony at the end of each school year. The Champion's Ceremony is a unique way for AmeriCorps St. Louis to honor and recognize our students for their academic accomplishments and character development over the year. This is of particular importance because we work with students who need a little bit more help to become grade level readers and might not otherwise be recognized for their accomplishments in school.
This year's ceremony was held in our Urban Adventure Center (UAC) on Friday, May 22 and included a catered reception and the Champions Ceremony. Each student is able to bring their family along and this year was our largest turnout ever, with the UAC reaching standing room only status quickly, filled with cheering, proud families and bright eyed students. Students were recognized in the following categories:
  • Achievement: This student has done remarkably well academically or has made significant improvement in his/her literacy skills.
  • Extraordinary Effort: This student has made extraordinary effort towards academic excellence. This student tries no matter what.
  • Leadership: This student is a model of positive behavior at school. He/She is the student who takes on extra projects, accepts responsibility, and exhibits the ability to do the right thing in tough situations.
  • Service: This student demonstrates excellent citizenship. If ever there is an opportunity to do something for someone else or for the school, this student is on top of it.

We also take this opportunity to recognize the school liaisons that make the Education Team's efforts fruitful, from principals to teachers who have particularly supportive.