The Holidays

by Jon Falk Kenan, Tiara and I have been in South Carolina for 2 months now. It's odd to think about but the majority of time I have spent in ERT, has been spent working the flooding. As it it's quickly coming to a close you begin to start thinking about what awaits you over the next horizon, what the next project will have in store for you. But I think it's important to reflect on what you have done and accomplished already. I can tell you that as a team, we have done so very much that can never be fully explained on paper or in a few short breaths. You ask me what we worked on while we were here? I'll ask you how much time you have. I don't think we will ever be truly able to describe the midnight emails or the heart-wrenching homeowner phone calls or the glory of organizing something only to have it torn down, to only have it rebuilt. How much time would it take to explain the bureaucracy of what we did or how many documents we produced? We built a program, how many people can really say they created a process to help in this world? The point is we will never have to explain that though, because our work here helped people who will never know our names. The process we built will be replicated and our documentation will go uncredited but it will serve it purpose in helping to rebuilt homes after disasters. I feel like we really made a difference here in South Carolina and I think we achieved the rebuilding that we set out to do 2 months ago. Kenan, Tiara and I will merely be ghosts in a week, as our cubicles will be empty and others will take our places, but our work here will stand the test of time, and weather the storm if you will. So here's to the LTRGs and the Fast Track process, to the Voluntary Agency outreaches and the the all night drafting sessions, to all the things we put our hearts and souls into for South Carolina, we enjoyed it all and I know we helped rebuild. The experience was amazing and I know that whatever the next event maybe, we can handle it as a team. Cheers.