T'was The Night Before Chainsaw Certification

by Carly Edgcomb Every minute of of the past month has been leading me up to this point. Prior to joining St Louis ERT, I had never used a chainsaw, let alone a tool. So of course, once I heard about having to meet a chainsaw requirement, a heavy weight of gloom settled upon my shoulders. Originally I thought the month long anticipation for this certification would create an even heavier burden, but the St Louis ERT program and its member slowly began to chip away at my anxiety. I soon learned that many of my new team members were in the same boat as me when it came to chainsaw experience. With the continuous positive reinforcement and encouragement from my team members I became motivated in preparation for what used to be the "dreaded day." It was only yesterday that I learned how to chop wood in a matter of 15 minutes. That may not seem like a lofty accomplishment to some, but to me it was the first step into what would be my role for the upcoming year. Many of my family and friends, as well as myself, never could have pictured me doing this in a million years. This year I have set out to immerse myself in a way of life that is completely outside my comfort zone. As I sit here tonight I am no longer in fear of tomorrow or what may happen. but I am optimistic about what could very well be a pivotal moment of the upcoming year.