Welcome to 2015


by Sarah Wood Our crew of five sat in a circle in the sun, enjoying our lunch break on the Ted Jones Trail. We had spent the morning felling hazard trees from the side of the path, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and preventing future clean up by park staff. As we chatted and snacked, an elderly man approached our group. Other walkers on the trail had asked about our work or our organization, but this man had alternative commentary.

"I never seen a woman on a tree crew before!"

I looked at the other woman on our team and smiled at the man.

"Well, there are two of us!"

The man looked confused.

"Do you own the company or something?"

He couldn't believe that two women could use chainsaws, and we proved otherwise. It's nice to know that in addition to removing invasive species and snags, AmeriCorps St. Louis is also removing something else: stereotypes.

Sarah and Natalie crushing stereotypes. Photo by Sarah Wood