Winter Warming Shelter

Volunteers needed!

As our 2018-2019 Emergency Winter Warming Shelter at AmeriCorps St. Louis is wrapping up, and we are preparing to rally our loyal volunteers to support our Shelter operations this coming winter. We are excited to see both new and familiar faces volunteering at our Shelter next season!

Our Shelter will be open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays beginning in December.

As a reminder, our Shelter is only open when the temperature is at 20°F OR 25°F with precipitation (i.e. snow, rain, sleet, etc.).

While volunteer roles will be delegated out upon arrival at the Shelter, a typical shift might include:

  • registering and signing in guests,

  • escorting guests to cots,

  • setting up and serving hot meals, and

  • socializing with guests. 

If you would like to register to volunteer for 2019-2020 season, please sign up below. Once you have completed registering, you will be prompted to sign up for specific volunteer shifts. If you would like to learn more about volunteering at our shelter, please contact us at our Winter Warming Volunteer Line: (314) 635-8649 or call our office at (314) 772-9002.

Click here to view a description of shelter shifts and volunteer duties.


The emergency Winter Warming Shelter at AmeriCorps St. Louis opened its doors in 2009 at the urgent request of the St. Louis City Department of Human Services due to a shortage of shelters within the city. Although AmeriCorps St. Louis had never run a shelter before, they knew they could help!

When disasters arise nationally, the team is highly regarded in their skills to set up Emergency Operations Centers, organize and engage spontaneous volunteers, and manage donations. AmeriCorps St. Louis knew that they had the skills to open an emergency Winter Warming Shelter from their prior experience, so they did!

The following winter, AmeriCorps St. Louis teamed up with The Winter Outreach Group and two other local churches to establish a partnership and continue the mission to provide safe housing to those in needs during the cold winter months. Before AmeriCorps St. Louis and the two other churches, the Winter Outreach Group could only provide blankets or hot drinks and snacks. Now, as a network of shelters began to form, they could ensure that people also had a safe place to sleep.

The network of emergency shelters has only grown since 2009. There is now a total of 11 emergency shelters that partner with the Winter Outreach Group to ensure that those in need have a warm place to sleep and food to eat during nights when the temperature drops below 20 degrees.  

Now in its 10th year of operation, the emergency Winter Warming Shelter at AmeriCorps St. Louis is able to provide two hot meals and a safe place to sleep for roughly 60 homeless men, women, and children of St. Louis.

None of this would be possible without generous donations from the city and community, and a dedicated and passionate group of volunteers!


 Former Program Director, Kathleen Becherer, talks about the history behind the emergency Winter Warming Shelter at AmeriCorps St. Louis


Updated 5/15/2019