Log Rolling and Stick Throwing: A Guide


-Heather McSherry


For the past month, I've had the pleasure of throwing sticks off of a fire line. Although it sounds silly, it's actually very important to remove these fuels away from the fireline to prevent slop overs. This makes it easier and safer for those who must "watch the line" during the prescribed burn, especially on the sections of the fireline where a water truck could not drive through.


Still, the work can be monotonous after a week, so by the end of four weeks I figured out some ways to make log rolling and stick throwing more enjoyable. If you find yourself stuck in this position, here are some tips:

1) Complete a lot of puzzles. 1500 piece puzzles. All six puzzles at your housing? Yeah, you gotta do them all.
2) Log rolling competitions! Who can roll a log the furthest down a hill? Watch out for rogue rocks.
3) Find an old hollowed out stump? Climb in it. Hide in it. Live in it. It is your home now.
4) Double stuffed Oreos and Flavor Blasted Goldfish: keep them in your truck at all times for emergencies.
5) Stick bouncing! Corps member Stephen Strack has perfected the art of throwing a stick at the pavement and having it bounce back up
6) Bone collecting! Elk and deer are abundant. If you find a vertebrae, let me know, those are hard to come by.
7) Watch out for the Yeti. We found remnants from his last victims including shorts, a hat, and a shoe.
8) Watch the Blair Witch Project, then reenact it by creating stick figures and scaring your teammates.
9) Dare your teammates to only eat MREs for the day. Steal their fig bars because they are the best part.
10) Attempt to respond to a potential wildfire. Be careful though, it might just be another farmer burning their field in a controlled manner.

If you follow these tips, your week of stick throwing will go off without a hitch.

Stephen Strack, in his new forever-home, a tree stump. 

Stephen Strack, in his new forever-home, a tree stump.