The VISION of AmeriCorps St. Louis is to be a purveyor of skill, a beacon of hope, and a model of public stewardship. AmeriCorps St. Louis serves to create systemic change as well as provide direct service that impacts the well-being of the poor and disenfranchised, particularly children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.


The MISSION of AmeriCorps St. Louis is to enhance the professional skills and life-long ethic of the young men and women who serve; to respond to critical unmet needs in the areas of emergency response and environmental conservation; to leverage service of volunteers; and to build the capacity of our partnering agencies and communities we serve.


AmeriCorps St. Louis strives to achieve its vision and mission through the Emergency Response Team (ERT), our corps of members who serve the St. Louis area, the state of Missouri, and communities across the nation.

AmeriCorps St. Louis Emergency Response Team Year 23