Shelter Photo Gallery

Photos by Jordan Palmer


About the photographer...


Hello! I’m Jordan Palmer. I am a photographer inspired by social change. I grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and moved to St. Louis to attend Webster University. I am currently a senior with a double major in photography and international human rights. I want to use photography to help people in need by educating others through shining a light on their situation.

            For this project I wanted to show the humanity inside of homelessness. The problem is that most of society sees homeless people instead of people who are homeless. When I first started this project I originally intended to document my subjects’ lives in order to help raise awareness about homelessness; however, after my first shoot I was drawn to a portrait I had taken. In this portrait you couldn’t tell that the individual was homeless. After this I switched my project to a compilation of portraits because I didn’t want to add to the hundreds of stereotypical images of the homeless.

            I would like to thank AmeriCorps St. Louis for giving me this opportunity as well as all of our friends who live or have lived on the streets who took the time to participate in the project and help further educate me on the issue of homelessness. Everyone that I have met through this project has deeply impacted my life. I hope you enjoy their stories and thank you for viewing our project!